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From great sadness came a rather lovely little business idea.

The Dew Breaker

More and more, people want to treat the funeral as an event to remember and to treasure, and as a celebration of life. Often people are so busy arranging the funeral, they keep this stiff upper lip, right up until the music starts and then they give themselves permission to feel. At first, it was just Shipley and Rawle. Now they employ nearly a predominantly female group of 90 singers and are one of the biggest companies in the UK. Business is good.

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If you live in a large city or metropolitan area, finding a professional funeral singer may be as simple as making a few calls. In addition to singers who specialize in funerals, church soloists, wedding singers, and vocal teachers often perform at funerals. Funeral directors and clergy often maintain a roster of singers available for you to choose from. If you have a close friend or family member with singing experience who may be willing to perform, this can add a wonderful personal touch to the service.

However, unless you are quite familiar with their abilities and you know they have sung at funerals before, it can also be quite risky. Grief can overcome even the most professional family singer at unexpected times.

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You run the risk that he or she will be unable to complete the performance. It is almost always best to use a professional singer, particularly someone who has experience performing at funerals. If you do decide to go with a friend or family member, be sure to ask the same questions you would of a professional.

Funeral Singer - DESPERATE EARTH

A professional funeral singer will be familiar with the way a funeral service works and can provide you with a selection of music to choose from. His first memories, and they are still fresh in his mind, are of crawling the sands of the Marina as a rag picker, with four other friends.

The Funeral (Band of Horses song)

Also, there was a sex worker who used to buy me food and help me out at times. I got my name, Viji, after her.

His rate today for a programme is Rs. Viji, who never had an opportunity to go to school, has authored three books on his life, and his experiences with death and dying.

Directed by Thanh Hoang

I sing of death, of the dead, of the living, how ephemeral life is, of the meaning behind our death rituals. A typical marana gana song lasts for all of nine hours, and comes from the bottom of my heart, and my deep interest in spirituality and death. I learnt all the basics from Karuppu Parayanar, who used to light the funeral pyre on the cremation grounds. And then, when I was older, I wandered from place to place, including Kashi, researching death.

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