The First Rainbow

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In Revelation —3 , John saw Christ clothed with a cloud and a rainbow on His head. The next time you see a rainbow, remember that God judges sin. But He is also merciful, and He made a covenant of grace with Noah and the animals—He will never again judge with a worldwide Flood. So the next time you see a rainbow, remember that God judges sin. He judged with a global flood at the time of Noah. But He is merciful, and He made a covenant of grace with Noah and the animals that He would never again judge with a worldwide Flood.

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Not only that, but the rainbow, as a symbol of Christ, reminds us that He is the mediator between man and God and that those who receive the free gift of salvation are presented faultless before their Creator. God declares those redeemed who have trusted in Christ.

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They are clothed in the righteousness of His Son. For the redeemed, the wrath of God toward sin was satisfied on the Cross—paid in full by the shed blood of His sinless Son. Yes, we need to take the meaning of the rainbow back, and use it to tell the world of the mercy and kindness of our Creator and Savior, just like my mum and dad told me.

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Independent Lens The Hottest August Ordinary New Yorkers share their anxieties around violent weather, climate change, and more, as they brace for what could be one of the hottest months ever. The book is structured to help children learn their primary colors and to start learning to read.

The layering of the colors in the story help children improve their linear thinking skills and memory. It is the perfect length so children stay engaged and ask for the story over and over again.

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Diane Malik, M. She is certified as a professional nanny from the Northwest Nannies Institute and has had extensive training in brain development from conception through adulthood. She has a private counseling practice in Colorado for people of all ages.

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