The Enchantment

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The Enchantment

The magic quality of its crystalline waters, the allure of its untamed nature, the enchantments whispered by the breeze moving its waves and the branches of the Mediterranean Maquis, the mysterious silence enveloping it constantly are all capable of captivating the soul of those who visit. This is only the case for very few lucky people, because the island and the area of sea surrounding it are completely protected by the National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, which has made it a naturalistic reserve.

Numerous kilometres of ancient Christian catacombs snaking their way underground represent the secret soul of an island which has always been desired and fought over by many peoples since ancient Roman times. Away from the hustle and bustle of the metro, it is easy to lead a laid-back lifestyle in the suburbs.

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Some people intentionally choose to live away from the city to escape the stresses of their work. The suburbs offer the perfect getaway for those wishing to keep their professional and domestic concerns separate. By living outside the city, you get to physically break free from the clutches of work. You get a better chance to relax because the vibes are totally different from your office. Pets and kids have more space to play outside in the suburbs. There are those who are even lucky enough to get a job outside the city and near the suburbs.

For people who have this setup, they get to avoid the daily traffic rush to the cities and get to spend more time at home.

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For those who maintain jobs in the cities, new modes of transportation are being developed to ease travel. With the rise of Point-to-Point P2P shuttles and expansion of train lines, you can get home quickly nowadays even if you choose to live in the outskirts of the metro.

Country homes also offer larger living spaces. As the cost per square meter in the suburbs is generally less than that in the cities, you get more space in the country. This would provide you greater flexibility in building and expanding your home.

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You could choose to grow your own garden, extend your home, or even install a swimming pool. In addition, country homes are also conducive in raising children and taking care of pets. Kids and pets have more space to play outdoors.

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Your privacy is more protected in the suburbs than in the city. As the suburbs offer more space compared to high-rise buildings in dense cities, it caters to more trees and plants. More varied species of flora grow on the natural ground compared to manmade gardens, so you can cultivate different kinds of vegetation in the suburbs. Many of our current festive traditions actually originates with pagan solstice customs, such as decorating the Yule tree.

Brightly decorations and lights would be hung on a pine tree to symbolize the various stellar objects, which were of tremendous significance to the Celtic people — the sun, moon, and stars — and also to represent the souls of those who had died in the previous year. The modern practice of gift giving evolved from the tradition of hanging gifts on the tree as offerings to various Gods and Goddesses.

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What is common in most solstice traditions is that this time of year is about coming together and remembering the past. This crisp winter air is full of it. It's as easy as waving your wand!

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