The Black Nights in St. Petersburg

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The young woman holds his arm, and he explains that he is alone, that he has never known a woman, and that he feels timid with her. Nastenka reassures him that ladies like timidity and she likes it, too. He tells her how he spends every minute of every day dreaming about a girl that would just say two words to him, who will not repulse him or ridicule him as he approached.

He explains how he thinks of talking to a random girl timidly, respectfully, passionately, telling her that he is dying in solitude and that he has no chance of success with her. He tells her that it is a girl's duty not to rudely reject or mock one as timid and luckless as he is. As they reach Nastenka's door, he asks if he will ever see her again. Before she can answer, he adds that he will be at the spot they met tomorrow anyway just so he can relive this one happy moment in his lonely life. She agrees, stating she can't forbid him not to come and she has to be there anyway.

The girl would tell him her story and be with him, provided that it does not lead into romance. She too is as lonely as the narrator. On their second meeting, Nastenka seeks to find out more about him. He tells her that he has no history because he has spent his life utterly alone. When she presses him to continue, he suggests that he is of the type of the "dreamer". He begins to tell his story in the third person, calling himself "the hero.

He dreams of everything, from befriending poets to having a place in the winter with a girl by his side. He says that the dreariness of everyday life kills people, while in his dreams he can make his life as he wishes it to be.

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At the end of his moving speech, Nastenka sympathetically assures him that she will be his friend. Nastenka tells the narrator her story. She grew up with her strict grandmother who gave her a largely sheltered upbringing.

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Her grandmother's pension being too small, they rent out their house to gain income. When their first lodger dies, he is replaced by a younger man.

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The young man begins a silent courtship with Nastenka, often giving her a book so that she may develop a reading habit. On one occasion, the young man invites her and her grandmother to a performance of The Barber of Seville. On the night that the young lodger is about to leave Petersburg for Moscow, Nastenka urges him to marry her.

He refuses immediate marriage, saying that he does not have money to support them, but assures her that he will return for her a year later. Nastenka finishes her story at the end of this, noting that a year has gone and he hasn't sent her a single letter. The narrator gradually realizes that despite his assurance that their friendship would remain platonic, he has inevitably fallen in love with her.

He nevertheless helps her by writing and posting a letter to her lover, and conceals his feelings for her. They await his reply to the letter or his appearance, but Nastenka grows restless at his absence and takes comfort in the narrator's friendship.

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Unaware of the depth of his feelings for her, she tells him that she loves him because he hasn't fallen in love with her. The narrator, despairing due to his unrequited love, notes that he has now begun to feel alienated from her as well. Nastenka despairs because she knows that her lover is in Petersburg but hasn't contacted her.

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The narrator continues to comfort her, for which she is extremely grateful, leading him to break his resolve and confess his love for her. Nastenka is disoriented at first, and the narrator, realizing that they can no longer continue to be friends in the same manner, insists on never seeing her again. She urges him to stay, and suggests that their relationship might become romantic some day, but that she wants his friendship in her life.

The narrator becomes hopeful at this prospect.

(ebook) Black Nights in St. Petersburg

As they are walking, they pass by a young man who stops and calls after them. He turns out to be Nastenka's lover, and she jumps into his arms. She returns briefly to kiss the narrator but journeys into the night, leaving him alone and broken hearted. By Nordic nature, Saint Petersburg is known worldwide for its clear sky in the summer time especially from the 21st of June - the summer solstice and the presence of light at very late hours.

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So they say thst this Russian city is ideal for summer holidays because it does not get tired at this time of the year. The brightness begins before 1hour till morning with the highest amplitude around 3 AM. If you are traveling to Saint Petersburg during the summer time, do not be surprised by this very special glow that gives the city an almost ghostly appearance.

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Moreover, one of the attractions is the observation of eight movable bridges in the city with this special light in St. Petersburg sky. Travelers flock at night by hundreds to see the bridges up and down with this beautiful light in the background,. Although we know the famous midnight sun in Lapland and white nights in many other northern regions of the world, it is the architecture of St.

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  5. Petersburg that gives this event its singularity and magic. Any couple will be delighted to walk in this mythical atmosphere at night, along the Neve in a walk they will surely remember throughout their lives. The city celebrates this phenomenan by celebrating the White Nights Festival launched in with a series of ballet shows, opera and music of all kinds.