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Damn it is just sad. Really all of central and western PA.

Weinstein Company’s ‘Amityville: The Awakening’ Grosses Minuscule $742

Industry has left those areas long ago. Doubtful if it will ever return. The rural areas of the East Coast are by and large screwed. My family is from Western MD.

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My parents had the good sense to leave the dying small town they grew up in. That was Im Spent alot of time in that town growing up. Half the kids I used to run around with are on welfare or hooked on prescription drugs or dead. I love all of those areas for the physical beauty and my family and friends.

The Awakening

I just wonder how people that are so screwed now are gonna fare when the economy craps out in the fashion that Jack and Mr Kaye were speaking of. About 20 minutes into this episode. Had to pause and applaud your rant about critical thinking instead of regurgitation of talking heads. Spot on Jack. Like Prepping and Permaculture. Jack, not nitpicking, but wanted to point out in this episode and a number of others you introduce the guest twice: at the end of the intro and then in the prerecorded interview.


Just wanted to point out the lapses there in case you wanted to fix them. You had asked if anyone can think of any possible way that the NSA storing data about me could be good for ME. If it was mentioned I missed it. I have found critical thinking led me to abandon talk radio. The Line of Departure. Michael Hopf.

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