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To express something desired, doubts and wishes, if clauses paired with conditional tense below , or polite suggestions of something that could happen. To express hypothetical situations of what could be in the future, if clauses paired with subjunctive imperfect above , or polite suggestions. In this section, we will discuss the 6 different meanings of the verb poder and include example sentences and contexts for you to follow along!

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This meaning is the most straightforward, which expresses if you can or are able to complete a task. The verb poder in this sense expresses the idea that one is allowed or given permission to do something. This is an interesting cultural nuance of the Spanish language because it removes the responsibility of the individual.

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This is to say it was not possible in the past. This matters because you will see this on all technological devices in Spanish and it will drive you crazy — be warned! Whatever that means.

This is a Spanish lesson. Una coca cola? La segunda guerra mundial? What theme do you want to do for the project? The second world war?

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Yeah, that can work! The negative of puede ser does not work in the same situation. Poder is used to express perhaps with the conjunction que in the middle followed by yes or no.

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Unlike puede ser , this is NOT a response you give to someone who offers you something. Rather, it is a speculation of the future.

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El poder , when used as a noun, means power. This can be real sovereign power or invented magical powers. Feeling poderoso yet?

Share Flipboard Email. Updated April 11, Here are the various ways poder is used:.

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Puedo hacer lo que quiero. This is similar in usage to the present tense. Pudo salir. Pudo salir a las tres.

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Pienso en lo que pudo ser. When the infinitive is implied by the context. The European Charter of Local Self-Government lays down standards for protecting the rights of local authorities and requires states which have ratified it to comply with a number of principles. The Congress is responsible for evaluating the application of the Charter in each Member State.

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