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Tell us what you think! I need help with cyberbullying We will work to get cyberbullying material removed from any communications service. Report offensive or illegal content Reports can be made anonymously. Her father was sick. She had to travel back to the Caribbean tomorrow.

Olympia would have to find somewhere else to drop-off Raina. What was a functional, if imperfect, solution to childcare during the summer was now no more. Not the following day, and certainly not the next week.

A Lost Summer

During the beginning of this year Olympia was unemployed. During her year with that employer, the couple separated and the ensuing acrimony began to be directed at her. She left the job in December and by the time she found another job in March she had fallen two months behind in rent. She had just begun to pay this debt off when summer arrived and brought along more costs.

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During the summer the city continues to offer these meals, but they require caretakers to go and pick them up on a daily basis. Olympia had some luck. Her friend from back home in the Grenadines could take Raina for the day. She was a nanny too, but the family she worked for was away on vacation. She was grateful to have a few more days to figure out what to do with her daughter. Olympia was never sure about him; the cheating and lying started early, the physical abuse, a little later. When she got pregnant with Raina at age 32 she was considering getting an abortion but he and his mom talked her out of it.

He promised to change, and his mom promised to help. They assured her that she would not be doing this alone.

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She believed them. But only when he feels like it. He acts like watching her is a favor. Late Friday night she called her sister, who lives with her family in a suburb outside of Boston. The next morning they left on an early bus to Boston and by Sunday evening Olympia was back in her apartment, without her daughter.

The plan was for Raina to remain there for the rest of the summer. No more worrying whether Raina was adequately stimulated during the day. No more having to conceal her deep exhaustion from her daughter every evening, wishing she felt otherwise. Photo by yourdon, Flickr. New York City Schools have a week summer break during which many families turn to summer camps to help fill all the time off.

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This is much longer than the around six-week break in some European countries including Germany, the U. He said the ACA is putting their efforts into seeking out private donors who can subsidize camp for a large number of campers, though he also sees potential in a number of other models, including partnerships between schools and camps and city parks and recreation departments hosting camps of their own. In New York, the city supports summer programming for over , 5- to year-olds, only some of which includes all-day programming at centers in high-need neighborhoods and housing projects.

There is also a summer youth employment program that has arranged jobs for over 50, teens and young adults this year.

According to recent census and other community surveys , there are roughly more than 1. Mayor Bill de Blasio has made some efforts to expand the summer programming for these children. In he extended the number of hours some community centers are open and restored funding for summer programs held at elementary schools. After protests, the city reversed course and reinstated the funding, but said it was for this year only.

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Nevertheless, the need for more high-quality summer programming is not going to slow down. The rise of dual-earner households with parents working long, and often unpredictable, hours, along with the growing number of single mothers, makes summer, at best, a sticky logistical issue, and, at worst, another way for low-income children to fall behind.

And rising income inequality has only made this ladder linking the rich and the poor that much longer and harder to climb. The three-month summer break further stacks the odds against those beginning at the bottom. It was three weeks into a mild New York summer and they had already settled into their routine. Raina, a bubbly little girl with neat cornrow braids, would be woken up by her mother around and eat some breakfast. She likes eggs, sausage, maybe some fruit.

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