Joan of Arc: A Military Leader

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  • Joan of Arc: A Military Leader.

Summary Where previous works have concentrated on the religious and feminist aspects of Joan's career, this title addresses the vital issue of what it was that made her the heroine she became. Read on the Scribd mobile app Download the free Scribd mobile app to read anytime, anywhere. Start your free 30 days.

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Joan of Arc. Warrior, Military Leader (c. –)

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Explore now. DeVries presents a Joan of Arc who rose to command because, initially, she served the interests of those French looking to achieve power.

Joan of Arc : a military leader

Ironically, she fell from command for this same reason. DeVries methodically demonstrates each of the tactics that made Joan successful. First, she was charismatic and enthusiastic in the face of countrymen whose collective morale had been worn abysmally low by the lack of an organized French army.

Joan of Arc’s Early Life

Many towns in France surrendered automatically to the English or the Burgundians only because they could not depend on French forces coming to relieve them. Like with all good leaders, her words and actions were an inspiration to her followers. She used psychological warfare, for example, in writing letters to the English occupiers asserting that she was the prophesized Maid who had come to save France.

Book Review: Joan of Arc: A Military Leader

She railed against any hesitation on the part of either King Charles or her combatants, during or between battles. She carefully considered every advantage, and then utilized it. She established early on that she could not be intimidated.

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Joan might have gone on to score victories for the French a good deal longer if she had not met with opposition on a very important front: from the king. Following her capture, the king never tried to rescue her.

Joan of Arc - A BYUtv Original Special

She began her fight as a military savior, DeVries concludes, but those more powerful than she turned her into a political pawn. DeVries provides evidence for his arguments largely through primary sources.


DeVries also includes a number of maps of the discussed locales, and portraits of relevant individuals.