Est-ce ainsi que les femmes meurent ? (Littérature Française) (French Edition)

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She was an outspoken Leftist, but Larnaude avoids the easy temptation to attribute her downfall to her politics.


Her social activism did not help her career, but neither did her alcoholism. Farmer emerges in this novel as an idealistic, courageous and flawed woman. However, when she introduces the reclusive John White, holed up in Paris, the story moves to another level. Justice Oliver Wendell famously suggested that when good Americans die, they go to Paris. De Mulder does him one better, by allowing that they might get their a bit earlier than predicted.

Les traces de Zdenka Braunerova, artiste Tchèque, dans la culture Française

Could the mysterious John White actually be the man who allegedly departed this life at Graceland on August 16, ? Oona and J. Eventually Oona broke it off and married Charlie Chaplin. Beigbeder tells the story in a racy manner. These works do not eschew social criticism; I maintain simply that these elements are not the principal aspects of the novels. The author dedicates her book to an American lawyer who has devoted his career to defending indigents accused of serious crimes.

A poor, black man brutally murders a white couple and their children. The wrong man is initially arrested for the crime, essentially because he is black. Finally, the real culprit, Smokey Nelson, is arrested and condemned. He remains a long time in prison before being executed. Obviously, one has to see this novel as an indictment of American bigotry, and a reflection of national racism. Social issues are important in this novel, but the strength of Smokey Nelson resides in the tentative effort at psychological analyses of the culprit and the family members who will never overcome the traumatic effect of what he did.

She was an ordinary New Yorker, someone who worked hard during the week, and liked to party on the weekend. One evening in when she was returning home late, she was set upon by a man who stabbed her numerous times. Despite her screams, nobody in her neighborhood came to her aid. What puzzles him is the passivity of the neighbors. Decoin avoids temptations to moralize and seize the ethical high ground.

Les traces de Zdenka Braunerova, artiste Tchèque, dans la culture Française

His America is George W. Even in retirement George is crusty, vulgar and overbearing.

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For him earning money is the major American indoor sport It is only when death approaches that George reveals a cloying sentimentality he had always sought to hide. Uncouth, obsessively aggressive in business, yet with a storeroom of repressed, somewhat vulgar sentimentality, this makes George the typical American for some.

Secrets d'histoire - Voltaire ou la liberté de penser (Intégrale)

Lou feels herself to be, rather like the DuBelly alluded to in the title, something of an exile in a foreign world, although she shows no untoward haste to return home. What follows is a series of aventures rocambolesques , worthy of a roman fleuve or a television series intended to run for one season. True to an American T. Eventually they establish more or less the truth about the affair, and in the process more or less prove that Harry was innocent.

The Frenchman in question is not Tanguy Viel; rather his narrator who understands that American fiction is pushing its Gallic counterpart off center stage. While American novels are not the only ones read beyond their borders, the problem for the narrator is that French fiction is far from having comparable success. French equivalents strike him as inspiring little interest outside the Hexagon. La disparition de Jim Sullivan manages to parody aspects of American fiction at the same time as it caricatures French concerns about the growing predominance of this same literature in their country [17].

The French witnessed the Americans replicating their own failure in Vietnam. They noted the U. Long prone to excoriate Yankee racism, the influx of North Africans, both legal and illegal, into the Hexagon, the expansion of Moslem communities and the tensions this at times provoked with the general populace, the difficulties and occasional unwillingness of minority groups to integrate French life and culture, as well as the expansion of anti-Semitic and anti-Arab sentiments, forced the French to confront the widespread reality of bigotry in their own country.

It became increasingly apparent that if there were somewhere a moral high ground from which one country could judge the racial failings of the other, France, no more than the United States, had any business standing on it. Eventually, it expanded to support a variety of reactionary causes, and briefly achieved some political success, only to fade away after Eventually it was suppressed with little lasting effect on the political system. Founded in by Jean-Marie LePen, it features an inflammatory mixture of xenophobia, anti-immigration policies and racism.

Its popularity has grown, particularly after LePen was succeeded by his much smoother and politically astute daughter, Marine, as the head of the party. The Front National lost the presidential election in , but gained over thirty percent of the vote. In the contest, Jean-Marie LePen was only able to muster about eighteen percent of the vote. While it has been a commonplace for many French to see the United States as a conservative country, these same people have been compelled to contemplate their own nation drifting to the Right [19].

France and the United States have been forced by circumstances to accept what they have always known, namely that their similarities far outweigh their differences.

With regard to literature, these factors have contributed in France to a new openness toward the United States. This phenomenon which has been slowly developing since the eve of the twentieth-century received a renewed impetus with the election of the forty-fourth president of the United States. His victory seemed not like an example of un esprit de contradiction , but rather contradiction itself. After eight years of a conservative, white man with few intellectual interests and no international travel before his election, Americans chose a liberal, Harvard-educated black with extensive experience abroad.

Whatever the frustrations and disappointments which would eventually mark the Obama years, they began on a note of optimism and hope for a new era, and this enthusiasm was at first shared in France as in most nations in the world.


Coupled with renewed efforts to ameliorate American relations with erstwhile enemies in the Middle East, it appeared for a time that the United States had set out in a new direction [20]. Long perceived as a nation of contradictions, with the Obama election the putative contradictory nature of American society began to be seen in a more positive light. During the Cold War period a common assumption of the French Left was that the Marshall Plan was primarily a propaganda device, a means of infiltrating American power and authority into French life in the guise of humanitarian aid.

The coupling of American religiosity with astonishing violence has always been a source of scorn, as have American proclamations of social equality in a country ravaged by racism. American contradictoriness has begun to be perceived as a potential source of strength for the nation, and as an object of considerable curiosity for French artists. It has made the American character less one-dimensional, and hence of more interest to writers less inclined to jump to facile conclusions about les Yankees. In several novels surveyed in the essay, French authors have chosen to focus on the apparent contradictions in their American subjects without attempting to resolve them or use them as podiums from which to decry American shortcomings.

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  • Yet if so, it must be mined carefully. Caricature would seem to be the most obvious approach when writing about Trump, but it may not be as easy as it appears, since the finest caricaturist of the forty-fifth president of the United States is the president himself. In addition to being displaced by modernity, these people view themselves with some justification as being scorned by the liberal intelligentsia these deplorable people whose efforts to appeal to sexual and racial minorities have given the impression they no longer care about poor whites.

    Trump will certainly alter the image of the United States in the French novel; that he will inspire the French literary imagination is probably also the case, yet creating enduring fiction out of a populist phenomenon will be a more complex undertaking than it might first appear.

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    • The purpose of this essay has not been to exhaust the list of possible approaches, but to describe some of them. This process has led to two conclusions. One is positive about the French and less so about the Americans. This represents an openness on the part of French artists toward the States, a willingness to reimagine the meanings of being American. The obvious question is whether there is a reciprocal effect on the part of American writers to look at the French differently.

      The response to this question is not particularly encouraging. William Cloonan Florida State University. Notes [1] Here is a list of novels which express this new interest in the States. French Fiction has always displayed an interest in American society, albeit more often in a negative sense. The United States has become a new source of fascination for French writers. In what follows I will create for the purpose of illustration three broad categories of fiction which embody aspects of this current French interest in the States, and briefly discuss selected examples from each grouping.

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      Marilyn and Elvis are perennial American icons. The second grouping of French novels dealing with the American experience contains texts where real or imagined Americans react to quotidian events that can be banal or ugly. Lise Charles presents in Comme Ulysse [12] the portrait of an attractive, artistic and intelligent young French woman who is completely closed-minded when it comes to the States. Antoine Bello would appear to maintain that if the great American novel can be written, it will focus on contemporary financial practices and their numerous irregularities.