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Ray paid for his self-improvement efforts with money from a robbery he committed while he was a fugitive. In December, , Ray visited the North Hollywood Presidential-campaign office of George Wallace , the former governor of Alabama, who had become a folk hero among segregationists for attempting to prevent two African-American students from attending the University of Alabama. Ray had gathered signatures to help get Wallace on the California ballot.

Wallace ran on the American Independent Party ticket in the election, against Richard Nixon and Hubert Humphrey, and carried five Southern states. I did not know that people were subjected to racial classifications, official and unofficial, epithets that were mumbled and shouted, or categories that were checked off on birth certificates and census forms, tallied in school-district and city-planning offices, and inscribed on property deeds.

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Some nights, he, my mother, and I listened to the shortwave signal of a Guatemalan radio station that broadcast marimba orchestras. I became aware of the swirling cultural storm of the late sixties, with its mod styles and transistor technologies, and its rock and soul anthems. At birth, my life was linked to black history and to Memphis, Tennessee. My godfather, Booker Wade, was an African-American native of that city who, as a teen-ager, in , had joined a silent sit-in at the segregated central branch of the public library. That winter, Wade found himself living in the same building as my parents, and, upon learning that they did not own a car, offered to drive my mother to the hospital when the time came to deliver her baby.

He wore a blue suit to my baptism. He had bought a pair of Bushnell binoculars and a Remington Model rifle with a seven-power scope. The previous night, King had given a speech in which he mentioned the threats against his life since arriving in Memphis, and recalled the assassination attempt that he had survived in King became a martyr in my home, a pobre hombre who died for the idea of social equality. Today, my physical closeness to two characters in the story of civil rights—an activist and an assassin—feels like an odd and unlikely coincidence. But I think every Latino kid grows up this way, in proximity to the drama of American history and its assorted players, trying to figure out where he fits in.

These days, Central American boys and girls live in the neighborhoods Hijuelos frequented.

Ever since the first colonies of Anglo-Saxon migrants were founded on the North American continent, white people have written stories filled with ambition and conquest. More than a century before my family arrived in California, a Mexican teamster, known only as Antonio, was among those whose bodies were cannibalized by the Donner Party, the ill-fated emigrants to California who became snowbound in the Sierra Nevada in His story has never been told. My fair-skinned mother could pass for white, until her heavy accent betrayed her.

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My father, with his Mayan nose and copper coloring, never could. For James Earl Ray, his whiteness meant that he deserved better than what he had. His perception of African-Americans as impoverished, diminished people made the color of his skin a source of power in a dismal life. He was born a few doors down from the biggest brothel in Alton, Illinois, a racially mixed city, in The jazz legend Miles Davis was born in Alton two years earlier. The family bounced around a region of the Midwest thick with African-American history, home to settlements that had been stops on the Underground Railroad.

Posner writes that many residents of Ewing were the descendants of Southern migrants whose families supported the Confederacy in the Civil War. The elder Ray spent most days at the local pool hall. But, like other white people in town, Ray could boast that no free black man had ever spent the night there. Across the cities and towns of the Midwest, a powerful, de-facto segregation took hold. My mother and father grew up in a society with its own rigid class divisions and restricted social mobility. They met and began courting at the site of a car crash in Guatemala City.

I was the result of an assignation in the back of a delivery van during an autumn downpour. My father married her after they discovered she was pregnant; she told me this when I was seven or eight years old, at about the time she and my father split because of his repeated infidelities. After they separated, they started new relationships, and I began to feel that I was an accident—the product of an impetuous act in the lives of two very young and headstrong people of limited means.

At school, I sensed that outsiders regarded me with benevolent concern.

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Then, Hiro Sakurai shows up, with a secret that Miki desperately wants to know. Then she starts to fall for him and nothing, even Hiro himself, can stop her. Vampire Knight series by Matsuri Hino "Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the day class and the night class.

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His goal: to become the next Hokage. But unknown to Naruto and his classmates, within him is a terrifying force Kitchen Princess series by Miyuki Kobayashi "Najika left the rural orphanage she knows as home to attend Seika Academy in Tokyo in the hopes of finding a boy who touched her heart years earlier.

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