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Cage The Elephant, wow. The band has been around for more than a decade, but if you were a first-timer to their live show, you were treated to some insanely wigged-out stage theatrics on Tuesday night at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Frontman, Matt Shultz, epitomized the definitive realm of stage presence. He very enthusiastically and unapologetically owned the stage, the walls, and every eye in the place. He also owned the face plant that he took on stage resulting in blood running down the side of his face. The showman literally left his blood and sweat on the stage and showed no reservation whatsoever.

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The band appeared on stage before the frontman and greeted fans, Brad Shultz, raised a blue solo cup, welcoming the crowd. Throughout the set, he shed many layers of clothing, all the way down to a flesh colored two-piece spandex-y getup. No one writes like Ed Gorman, and this is one of his best. A masterwork of nail biting suspense and skin crawling creepiness.

Fright Night with the Machine Brian Cage

Highest possible recommendation. View all 5 comments. Dec 06, David rated it it was amazing. Another excellent thriller from the master. If you haven't read Gorman what are you waiting for??

Night Cage

Sep 07, Debra rated it really liked it Shelves: horror-supernatural , mystery-thriller. Another book I read recently that had an unsuspected ending, yet in looking back I realize there were only a couple of ways it COULD end! Don't think I've read any Ed Gorman. This was good enough to make me try some more of his stuff. This was indeed thrilling! Ed Gorman takes the reader on a delightful ride of suspense and psychological adventure - and will keep you guessing up until the end.

Jun 06, Ben Boulden rated it it was amazing. It is different.

The story is told in a deceptively simple style. There is not a word wasted, but the sub-text is complex and uncertain. The characters are deep and complicated without any over handed self-evaluation and the small town setting has a s atmosphere playing against a s culture.

The plot is seamless and stunning.

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Mr Gorman never does the expected—there are several twists that surprise—but the novels true power is its ambiguous, complex and dark voice. It is dedicated to Robert Bloch and you will see more than a few similarities between the work of Bloch, particularly Psycho. The similarities: the rough and real characters, the stark style, and the mastery of successfully straddling multiple genres.

This similarity ends there however, because as much as it owes to the work of Robert Bloch, it is wholly that of Ed Gorman. He drew me in and kept me interested throughout. I will be checking out some of his other work for sure.

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It is a book that defies categorization, which is probably why it has not had the success it should. It has been released in two versions--a paperback edition published by White Wolf more than a few years ago and very recently in a limited edition hardcover from PS Publishing. It is truly a classic of the macabre--part mystery, part suspense, and entirely chilling and haunting.

View 2 comments. Aug 11, Jeff French rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this one. I like how part of the narrative is told through an interview between an attorney and her client on death row, but we don't know who the client is.

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The main story is told through flashback. As it unfolds, the reader has to decide what is real and what isn't. No simple answers are provided. Even at the end, when I had formed my conclusions, I remembered part of the story that made me rethink everything. A very cool read.


Night Running feat. Beck | Cage The Elephant

View 1 comment. He soon removes the headwear to present himself as the unmasked Matt Shultz, and from there the show grew chaotically. Cage found a way to balance playing every one of their hits and still throw in a few new singles for an overall perfect setlist. Ruoff's stage was deserted once again, and the crowd was jam-packed.

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The stage lights were pretty bright, given it was nighttime at this point, but when the clock hit P. Ruoff Music Center became darker than the night sky. Suddenly, a large orange diamond appeared on the far back screen, looming over a majestic silhouetted figure playing an acoustic guitar.

This silhouette was the shadow of Beck, and he was leading us head-first into his smash hit "Loser.

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