A Comédia dos Erros [Ilustrado] [Com índice ativo] (Portuguese Edition)

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Manual A Comédia dos Erros [com índice ativo] (Portuguese Edition)

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Alice Borges - A Comédia dos Erros

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1962–63: Fama no Reino Unido

Souza, Aline A. Gomes, Cristina A. Haffner, Jacqueline A. Ortiz, J A. Santos Rego, Miguel A. Santos-Rego, Miguel A. Zagalo-Cardoso, J A. Albuquerque, Cristina Pinto coord.

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Laranjeira Rodrigues de Areia, Manuel L. Rodrigues de Areia, M. Saraiva de Carvalho P. Cattini, Giovanni C. Lopes, M C. Santos, A C. Cornelli, Gabriele ed. Formosinho, M D. Peschiutta, Hugo D. Diocese, Lamego. Diocese, Coimbra. Diocese, Guarda. Haase, Richard F. Murillo, Juan F. Piacentini, M F.

click here Pinto, Rooney F. Pires, Ana F. Rosado, M F. Barroso, Ricardo G. Ferreira, Aristides I. Alvarez, M J. Full Text Available Amazonian shamanic painting is a hybrid art born from the coming together of Western figurative techniques, indigenous body painting and visionary shamanic experiences.

It is a testimonial art by which painters express their visionary experiences to a foreign public aiming to understand the Amazonian universe. Problem solving capabilities of Peach-fronted Conures Eupsittula aurea studied by the string-pulling test. Many studies have indicated advanced cognitive abilities in different species of parrots and ravens. Here we investigated basic cognitive skills of Peach-fronted Conures Eupsittula aurea using the string-pulling test. These small Middle-American parrots are often compared to dolphins due By varying different spatial configurations of strings and rewards, different cognitive skills could be investigated.

Four conures two females and two males were tested. All four individuals solved three out of four tested string configurations four Subsequently we tested the birds with a vertical pulley that required the birds to pull the string down to get the food reward within reach from below Susceptibility of Biomphalaria amazonica and Biomphalaria occidentalis from Manso Dam, Mato Grosso, Brazil to infection with three strains of Schistosoma mansoni.

Full Text Available As well as malaria and yellow fever, schistosomiasis is one of the main endemic diseases associated to environments which suffered some impact related to the development of great economic projects, as for example the construction of hydroelectric power stations. Aiming to investigate the occurrence and distribution of freshwater snails of medical and veterinary importance in the area which suffered impact from the Manso hydroelectric power station a survey was performed during the period of to and revealed the occurrence of populations of Biomphalaria amazonica and Biomphalaria occidentalis.

Studies on parasite-mollusc compatibility were undertaken using five B. Of snails of B. According to the strains used, of the snails exposed to BH miracidia, 6 became infected 3. These results point out the low possibility of introduction of schistosomiasis in those areas, but we believe it can not be discarded as due the presence of B. Karu kontori kliente.