2012: The Little Horn of Prophecy

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It is crystal clear: while the horn of Daniel 7 emerges from the fourth world empire, the horn of Daniel 8 emerges from the third world empire. This fact is so plain and transparent that one can only wonder why some have overlooked it. According to the traditional Adventist view the horn represents a kingdom, namely the Roman Empire.

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This king emerges from one of the fourfold divisions of the Greek Empire. Antiochus emerged from the Seleucid horn which was a division of the Greek Empire. Rome did not; it emerged on the Italian peninsula to the west of the Greek Empire. The fourfold division of Greece had passed the peak of its power when he emerged, and this is evidenced by the humiliation he suffered at the hands of the Romans while on his way to invade Egypt. The horn would attack the south and east and the pleasant land i. Antiochus did exactly that.

However, when Rome came to power, it expanded in all directions including west to Britain and north to the germanic tribes. This little horn is clearly not Rome. The horn would be noted for his cunning and intrigue. Antiochus was renowned for his craftiness and cunning; Rome more for her brute strength and power.

The Antichrist is a Prince

The horn would destroy the mighty and holy people. History reveals that tens of thousands perished as Antiochus attempted to force the Jews to deny their faith. The horn would take away the daily sacrifices v. Antiochus put a stop to the sacrifices for a period of over 3 years. Antiochus continued for approximately possibly precisely, it is impossible to determine days v. The termination would then be the death of Antiochus BC. There is no convincing fulfilment of the days in the history of the Roman Empire and only by a fine-spun linking of the Roman Empire with the Roman church, and a further fine-spun linking of Daniel 8 with Daniel 9 these two chapters are historically separated by at least 10 years can Seventh-day Adventists arrive at a closing date for the days.

This date is October 22, when Christ is said to have shifted his ministry from the first apartment of the heavenly sanctuary into the second to begin a work of judgment. One of the major objections to Antiochus as the fulfillment of the prophecy is the fact that he was a relatively minor player on the stage of history. It is sometimes asserted he is not big enough to fulfill the prophecy.

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This objection fails to take into account the simple fact that this particular prophecy centers primarily on the fate of the people and religion of God. The great theme of this vision is an unprecedented and successful attack upon the saints and true worship.

Another important point is that there is much to imply that more than Antiochus alone is portrayed here. Almost all conservative scholars agree that Daniel 8 portrays Antiochus as a type of the final antichrist. Please note: Approved comments do not constitute an endorsement by the ministry of Amazing Facts or by Pastor Doug Batchelor. This website allows dissenting comments and beliefs, but our comment sections are not a forum for ongoing debate.

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The Coming King, Pt. The Secret Cycles in Prophecy.

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    Main Site Rules. Latest Events Add an Event. Newest Blogs Post a Blog. All Discussions My Discussions Add. I hope this helps some. Just a few more answers to the website. Ten horns arising from the kingdom? Rome ruled the then known world - wherever they came from it was Rome! Thanks Gabriel. B Doukhan is certainly an expert in this area.

    I've heard him speak at Andrews and I feel we can trust his exegesis. It is very clear cut, but God's perspective is not ours. Gabriel - read carefully - you just agreed with me. When you say you beg to differ and then agree, it gets more confusing. No worries - God bless you, brother. Site Sponsors. Hello, you need to enable JavaScript to use Adventist Online. Please check your browser settings or contact your system administrator. Sign in to chat!